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  We have access to the best industrial hemp master growers in the world that can answer all your farming questions and create an easy to follow roadmap for your Hemp Farming Business. Including how to harvest, dry, and store your crop so that it doesn’t spoil and so that it can be processed efficiently.


  You have grown hemp now what? Not sure what to do, or how to process hemp into a product? Biohemp consultants can explain what you need to extract hemp oil, hemp protein, CBD oils, CBD isolates, etc., detailing what kind of equipment you need to do it yourself or referring you to companies that can process for you.


Not sure how to market your Hemp, Hemp Products, or maybe you want to develop your own line of hemp products? We have access to companies that want to buy Organic CBD in various forms and can help you market your CBD or we  can also help you develop and market your own brand of CDB products.


CO2 extraction machines have been used for decades to extract oils and plant extracts. We sell the finest machines in the world for prices that are less than half of our compeitors. 


CO2 machines EXTRACT HEMP OIL NOT ISOLATED CBD. There is more to making quality CBD products than just CO2 extractors. We can put together an entire solution including grinders, extractors, winterizer, CO2 reclaimers, filtration and labs for less that the typical price of just an extractor.


The industrial hemp and CBD industry is very new and very exciting but it is also filled with companies that will seek to profit from lack of knowledge. Do your research and be careful. At biohemp we are farmers helping farmers and we pledge to always do our best to provide the best products and services at the most reasonable prices to you even if that means refering you to another company that can better meet your needs. 

seeking organic hemp farmers in north carolina


At BIOHEMP  believe that HEMP will save struggling tobacco farmers by providing a new cash crop for use in a rapidly growing THC FREE CBD market. So we strongly support the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and share their passion of building a new industrial hemp industry in North Carolina that will create many new jobs and a new cash crop for farmers. We believe that North Carolina farmers grow the worlds best organic  hemp! Click to learn more...  


BIOHEMP is seeking only USDA certified farmers in North Carolina. All approved farmers get set contracts, guidance and a percentage of ownership in the company. We are Majority Farmer owned and operated and our primary goal is to create an alternate cash crop for organic tobacco farmers. The first step is to get your permit from the state. Click here for the form.  

Newly adopted resolution by the Industrial Hemp Commission (July 28, 2017)

 The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission therefore supports the following resolutions: l . Licensed farmers, registered farm aggregators, and processors operating under the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program may purchase from or sell live industrial hemp plants or seeds or propagules to both international and United States - based suppliers. The purchaser must maintain documentation of program participation and varieties for United States purchases and must comply with DEA requirements for foreign importation or sale. 2. Licensed farmers may sell their industrial hemp crops, including seeds or propagules, live plants or harvested plants or plant parts to local, out of state, and international buyers and processors. This guidance does not obviate the need for sellers to comply with all domestic and foreign law pertaining to industrial hemp. 3. The intent of this Resolution is to place North Carolina growers, processors, wholesalers or retailers of industrial hemp and industrial hemp products on the same footing as international growers, processors, wholesalers and retailers. Duly ADOPTED by the Commission in public session this the 28_ day of _July, 2017.  


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